Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monkey overlord

Ok, so I know what you're thinking.
"Where the heck did this guy guy go?" Now, I know that it look's like all the blames on me, but it really isn't. The president wanted me to go on a top-secret stealth mission, to get the emerald ring, that can stop the monkey overlord from talking over the earth. But to get the ring I had to stop the wicked monkey robot ninjas, who were no match for my supreme awesome power. Then I had to venture deep into the jungle to find the secret tomb of "Ba ra zooo", where the ring was located. When I found the tomb, I had to use my clever instincts from watching a bunch of "Indiana Jones" movies to overcome all the traps. When I finally got the ring, I had to face the monkey overlord in mortal combat, although he knew special monkey jiu-jitsu I triumphed over him and used the emerald ring to vanish his monkey army to another dimension away from earth............yea I am not so great on excuses. Anyway, the posts will resume as well as the spoof pics page and the new superhero project forum. And the blog may get a discussion forum in the coming weeks.............

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