Steven Spielberg an Peter Jackson join forces to tell the amazing tale of Tintin.

Tintin was first created by Belgian Illustrater known as Herge. Recreating the world of Herge into a 3-D motion picture isn't an easy task. In fact it took 2 years of research, development, screen-writing and casting before it came time for the actors, film-makers, crew etc. In the end The adventures of Tintin was finally released into theatres, pleasing fans everywhere. In terms of recreating the world of Herge, I would say is a success. Spielberg and Jackson took Herge's style of art and turned it into a 3-D dimension perfectly. You can still tell Herge's style within each character in the film. The graphics in the movie are stunning, Spielberg and Peter Jackson have paid very close attention to detail in the film and their work has paid off. I highly recommend watching the film. Come back tomorrow when we will take a look into the technology for making the film Tintin.


A lot of people are paying big money for 3-d animation programs, which they really don't need to. Blender is a free 3-D animation program that I personally think is amazing. And I know what you're thinking, its free, which means it's crap, but that's not true. Using Blender you can create phenomenal 3-D animations and if you're the type who's not into animation, no worries, Blender can create 3-D games to! It's, easy to read interface allows even beginners to create simple animations and games. With Blender you can create professional animations, games and models. I strongly  recommend this program for those who are into animating, gaming or even 3-D modelling.Below is one of my favourite short 3-D animations created by Blender.

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