Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweet Potato Murder (don't worry, you read it right)

So, I was searching on the web and I found this website that showed some stupid mistakes people made, they were pretty funny. Here's one.
$1,500 and $10,000 and TWO SWEET POTATOES to kill her husband.I can just imagine it when the murders were getting paid.

Wife:"I want you to kill my husband!"

Murderer:"'s a pretty big deal, we need the right materials to do it, if you know what I mean"murderer winks.

Wife:"I'll give you all the money I have!"

Murder:"The money's fine but how about those delicious sweet potatoes"

Wife:"No! Please their all I have in the world! There always by my side and I love them!"

Murder:"So, what about your husband?"


Murder:"Forget about it, just give me the sweet potatoes!"murder snatches the sweet potatoes.


Murder:"I play a hard deal woman!"walk's away.

The husband's ghost probably haunts the wife. It would go something like this,

Husband' s Ghost:" Margret!(wife's name)"

Wife:"Rick(husband's name)!?"

Husband' s Ghost: "Why did you want me killed MARGRET!"

Wife:" But... but I loved you dearly!"

Husband' s Ghost: " gave the guy a couple of sweet potatoes to kill me. You thought I was worth 2 sweet potatoes?!?"

Wife:"How could you say such a thing!
The sweet potatoes were on sale!"

Husband' s Ghost: "....
Well, you can't argue with that logic!"



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