Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Bus

I don't know about you guys but I take the bus a lot. I take the bus to school, to stores , to shopping malls and the list goes on. You know what the problem with that is? The people. I mean, I am sitting on the bus beside this tourist, who never stops talking, and on the other hand I've got this wannabe singer who never stops singing. I'll tell you how it went.

Tourist:"Hey, how's it going I'am Jerry! I just flew in today to see the CN tower, heard it was pretty good. I wonder how the view is from up their, must be a kicker. You ever been there?"

Now, I had no idea what a kicker is, so I was pretty confused.

Me:"Uhh...yea it's a kicker alright!"

So, apparently the singer knows this song that's called "kicker" and she goes.

Singer:"Kicker! The shock is coming from a Kickerrrrrrrrr!"

Tourist:"Hey, I think I've heard that song!"

Tourist and Singer:"Cause, you can't take the KICKER! It's giving a shock, it's the Kicker!!!!!"

I couldn't take any more of their singing, so I get up and walk towards the front of the bus, besides this Goth.

Me:"Sorry, could you move a little bit?"

So, I was wearing a pretty colourful shirt that day, and the Goth takes one look at it and then goes.

Goth:"WHY ARE THERE SO MANY COLOURS!"and then she start's to scream and cry so loud that I thought she was singing the Kicker song. Then again, I go to the back of the bus but not too close to the "Kicker" duet, who were still singing. Finally, my stop comes and I get off and wait for the next bus to come, but I don't get my peace so quick, the Goth, Tourist and Singer all get off of the bus and start annoying me again.

I hate bus stops.

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