Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don't click the link!

One long hot summer day, I was super bored, and I mean like, bored enough to count all the cracks in my neighbourhood, bored. So, I was randomly searching stuff on the internet, and I came to this . Fortunately, I escaped after several hours, but trust me you will never be the same again after you click this link. If, you even dare to click the link, there's no turning back, you can never escape him, it's impossible....even now he's watching you....don't click the link.....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monkey climbing!

Hello readers, and prepare to be amazed, confused, and dazzled as you watch the magnificent act of the-----, you know what just watch the video.

  Well, at least now you know what people mean by "words can't describe it".
This man's name is Jyoti Raju, better known as "The Monkey King". He learned to climb like this from monkeys, and climbs for entertainment. Look's like spider-man's got competition.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fact Friday

Hey guys, starting now, on every Friday their will be a new cool fact, like, "if you put a banana in your right ear, it will make you happy."............ok, that one isn't true (trust me, I know). Anyway's, the rest of the fact's will be true and interesting.

This Friday's Fact is,

The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

Can you imagine what happens when a guy who invented the match meets the guy who invented the lighter? I think I'll go like this...

Match inventor:"I'VE DONE IT! I finally made a name for my self, after all these years of waiting I have made a stick, that when rubbed quickly upon a certain surface will ignite fire!"

Lighter Inventor:"So, how come you don't just use a lighter?"

Match inventor:"Say what now?"

Lighter Inventor:"A lighter. You just flick this button, and presto, there's a flame! Why would you need the match?"

Match inventor:"Well...the match's better's a stick, and it's small, and it's a stick, and it comes in a box and it's a stick!"

Lighter Inventor:"Well, the lighter's small, and it's shaped like a box."

Match inventor:"HA! A lighter's not a stick, so I win and you lose! IN YOUR FACE!" The match inventor rubs the match onto a rock, expecting fire to come, but the stick breaks.

Well, this concludes Fact Friday, Come to the blog next time for another fact, on FACT FRIDAY!