Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Future Cars (part 1)

Today in Digital LIFE we're talking about the cars of tomorrow. First up on the list is the Honda FC Future Sport's Car.

This bad boy was first presented at the 2008 LOS ANGELES Auto Show. A hydrogen powered, 3 seat sports car with a light weight ultra aerodynamic design. It shows Honda's V-fuel cell technology, which for the noobies out there means that it's environmentally friendly. It's also got two twin fuel storage tanks at the rear. And it's not just pretty from the outside, the interior of the car is designed to make the driver feel like he's driving a sport's car, and he should considering this baby can go as fast as some of today's fastest cars.

"Imagine beating your best lap time while hearing nothing but the tires rubbing the tarmac and the quiet buzz of the high-torque electric motors. Picture a true no-holds-barred supercar with all the speed, handling and sleek looks of today's fastest sports cars , yet without the noise, heat, vibration and emissions of the internal-combustion engine"
                                                                                           -says Honda

Now don't go running up to your nearest Honda stores, trying to buy one of these. This is only a design study model, but their's a big chance we'll be seeing one of these on our roads pretty soon.

(part 2 is on the Digital LIFE page on February  28

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