Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To the plain and beyond!

Now, I was surfing the web, as usual, and I found this. If you look closely you can see that their's a air plane flying over the scene. I wonder how that movie scene turned out. Maybe, it was something like this,

Hero:"We will, have to journey through the---'

Sidekick:"Wait, hold that thought, I am talking a pic on my new phone"

Hero:"A phone! That must be the work of a witch!"

Sidekick:"No, it's just the work of a blackberry."

Hero:"As, I was saying we have to journey through the jungle of death, down the valley of the unknown and out to---"

Sidekick:"Whoa, hold on their a second, you're starting to sound like Dora the explorer. Why don't we just take the plane? We have that air miles card that wizard gave us."

Hero:".................yea, sure, let's cut the act and just take the plane. You think they have those salted peanuts on board?"

Sidekick:"They always do, big guy. I am gonna put this adventure on my blog. Now excuse me a sec while I text Rapunzel."

Hero:"What, she didn't figure out, how to open the front door yet?"

Sidekick:"Yea, like Cinderella was any better" imitates Cinderella" Let me sing you a song about the forest! Would she just shut up already! And to top it all of she's got 7 bodyguards!"

Hero:"Let's just get to the plain, I can't wait for those salted peanuts!"

Try telling that fairy tail to a little kid.

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