Friday, July 1, 2011

Fact Friday

Hey guys, starting now, on every Friday their will be a new cool fact, like, "if you put a banana in your right ear, it will make you happy."............ok, that one isn't true (trust me, I know). Anyway's, the rest of the fact's will be true and interesting.

This Friday's Fact is,

The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

Can you imagine what happens when a guy who invented the match meets the guy who invented the lighter? I think I'll go like this...

Match inventor:"I'VE DONE IT! I finally made a name for my self, after all these years of waiting I have made a stick, that when rubbed quickly upon a certain surface will ignite fire!"

Lighter Inventor:"So, how come you don't just use a lighter?"

Match inventor:"Say what now?"

Lighter Inventor:"A lighter. You just flick this button, and presto, there's a flame! Why would you need the match?"

Match inventor:"Well...the match's better's a stick, and it's small, and it's a stick, and it comes in a box and it's a stick!"

Lighter Inventor:"Well, the lighter's small, and it's shaped like a box."

Match inventor:"HA! A lighter's not a stick, so I win and you lose! IN YOUR FACE!" The match inventor rubs the match onto a rock, expecting fire to come, but the stick breaks.

Well, this concludes Fact Friday, Come to the blog next time for another fact, on FACT FRIDAY!

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