Friday, May 13, 2011

Lala Land

I was day dreaming at school today, and my teacher comes to me and says,

"Get out of Lala Land, and pay attention!"

Well, I still didn't pay attention after that, cause I started thinking about "Lala Land."
What exactly is the point of Lala Land? And more importantly, what do you do there? Do you just sing songs that have "LaLa" in them or do you make weird Law's there. And what do you call those laws,
The "LaLa Laws?" By the way I am pretty sure everyone goes to LaLa Land, so are we in each others in LaLa lands, and if that's the case then shouldn't my teacher have said,

"Get out of my LaLa Land!"

You know, I think she was just jealous, cause she probably doesn't go to La Land  a lot, maybe she should go on a vacation. Now I wonder how they sent postcards from LaLa Land..........

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