Friday, February 17, 2012

Official Blog Release

Good morning World, the new Crazy Little Dot in Space is here, if you're an daily reader you would know that the blog has had many big changes come over the past year. And now the wait is finally over The Crazy Little Dot in Space has been officially released. Big changes you can find on the blog are.

1. The interface and look of the blog has changed e.g the background of the blog has been changed from the globe to a pop art pattern thingy...

2. There are 4 extra pages added  to the blog; Animation, Write a Post, Digital Life and Contacts. For a thorough understanding of each page go here

3. You now have the chance to become a Guest Writer for "The Crazy Little Dot in Space" and write and publish your own posts.

The posts are fresh, the pages are sizzling, the knowledge is pure gold, and this blog is ready to go!

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