Friday, February 17, 2012


Digital Life
Digital Life is a new page in The Crazy Little Dot in Space that talks about the technological side of the world. On this page you could find various new technologies or devices that are developing or have developed. You could find a University student working on a laser. Or a Backyard junkee who just created the newest thing in military weapons, new ideas and ways to solve common problems using technology. This page basically covers it from the simplest devices to the most advanced hi-tech ones. And it's not just new gadgets and such, there are also posts on new advances in science and new ideas to solve big problems. This page covers it all.

The animation page is pretty self explanatory. It basically covers anything related to animation, this can include new 3-D animation movies using the latest software, tips on animating in several programs, new types of animation techniques, different new programs for animating etc. The page will cover 3-D and 2-D animating, as well as other forms of animation.

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The Crazy Little Dot in Space now has feature that allows you to write and publish your own posts on the Blog, for more information, please visit the page, or follow this link

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