Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yahoo! It's a Mario time!..........
Actually, forget that last part. I was thinking of opening this post by talking like an Italion plumber but then I realized I would have to do something with pipes, mushrooms and something to do with a male dinosaur who lays eggs. Anyway, the new 3-ds from Nintendo has just been realised, and I thought I'd talk to you about some of it's features. Now, I know what everyone is thinking,
"Is it actually 3-D?" and the answer is yes! You don't need glasses for the 3-ds and it actually is 3-d. You can also change the depth of the 3-d screen, so it matches your expectations. The 3-ds also has a Gyro sensor. Now, what is a Gyro sensor, you ask? Who cares! It sounds pretty cool and anything with the word Gyro in it can't be bad. So, if you ask me, I 'd say the 3-ds sounds pretty cool and you should definitely check it out.
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