Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Evil Wacko's

So, I was watching a bunch of cartoons this morning and almost every cartoon had a crazy evil guy trying to rule over the world. This got me a little upset. I mean wouldn't the first guy realize that if some other idiot can't dominate the universe they're not going to do much better? And to top it all of there's always a stupid minion who can't do anything right. First of all, why doesn't the the evil guy just fire him? second, why are all of them so darn ugly!?! Would it kill them to take a shower once in a while? Another thing is that the Evil guy never wins and every single time he always does some crazy laugh and their's always thunder and lightning in the background and the guy say's something like,

"This isn't the last of me, you will all bow down before my wrath! MUHUHAHAHAH!"
Seriously, just shut up and go home, already! Oh, and don't even get me started on mad scientists, those guys were the main act.
Blog ya' later, I have to go think of a way to dominate the world (again).

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