Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best April fool's joke goes to....

Well, yesterday was April fools and everyone was competing to be the best pranker. Luckily, yours truly won...............
Fine, I didn't win and  there wasn't any real competition, but I did search the web to find the best pranked image and this is what I found.

Now, whoever did this, obviously knows how to be a good pranker, unlike some people I know, anyone remember this guy,

If you're really confused, read yesterday's post. Anyway, from the picture, the president's don't seem to happy about their over-sized nose and dictator moustache, not to mention those Harry Potter fan glasses. And I was wondering what would they say if they were here. Would it be like,

President #1:"The monstrosity! How could someone do such a thing!"

President #2:"If I ever find who did this, I'll..I'll... I'll take their insurance away!"

President #3 "What did I do to deserve such a thing!"

President #4"Hmmm, I like this new look!

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