Monday, April 25, 2011


So, I just got Facebook, and right away I was addicted to it. I was, like, requesting all these guys to be my friends and then I log off and go back on just to see that red number on the top of the screen that shows how many people confirmed. I am like,

"Oh, man, 10 people confirmed, yes!" Then, one of my old friends starts talking to me, and I was just like, 
"Who are you?" except since it's Facebook, it's more like,
"hu r u?" :(
That's another thing I really liked, you really don't have to write proper sentences, and you can still get away with it. I mean if I did that here, it would look like this,

r u goin 2 the party, cuz i ain't, k'g2g bffl, ttyl

What, in the world does that mean! Then, I kinda got mad at Facebook cause all these random people started poking me, and I got really mad.

"Stop, poking me, I said stop poking me, STOP POKING ME YOU IDIOT, STOP! STOP! STOP IT! WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN! 

K' G2G ;)

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