Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Hey you! No fishing in the toilet!"

Hey guys, so I was searching on the web and I found this sign.
Ummm...ok then. The people who put up that sign must think some people are really stupid. I mean who will try to pee like a dog, you know what if a dog walked into that bathroom, what would he think? And what if he somehow read those rules, what would someone else think if they walked in?
They wouldn't be like,
"Oh, my bad sorry to disturb you,I'll wait"
Notice that there's actually one" wrong" sign of fishing in the toilet, what exactly is that guy fishing for?You know maybe there is some idiot who fishes in a toilet, I wonder what he would say when he sees that sign.
"What!?!Darn it, how am I supposed to hunt for lunch now" or maybe it would be something like this,
"C'mon Nemo, I know you're in there somewhere!"
Y'know they should have also added one wrong one of some guy in the thinker position.
"Don't think, just do"

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