Monday, March 21, 2011

SPIES! part 1

Hey guys, winter's almost gone and it's spring where flower's are blooming and my posts are grooming....
Don't ask me how that work's. Anyway, today and tommorow it's all about Spies! We're gonna talk about spy gadgets, pet's, and a typical spy's life. Now today's gadget is REVERSE PEEP HOLE VIEWER THINGAMIJIGGY.
This can see through the peep hole to see through someone else's house.
Now, you can finally check if your neighbor's planning world domination or not.

Second gadget of the day is THE BURGLAR BLASTER now technically
this isn't a spy gadget but it seemed pretty cool so I had to add it in the list. This gadget sprays pepper spray in the burgulars eye, so when you get home you can see a hairy dude bending down, screaming like a girl and covering one eye with his hand. Hey, what do you know, a show with dinner.

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