Saturday, March 26, 2011

Problem with the zoo

I went to the zoo a couple years back for a field trip and it was pretty disappointing. So, I decided to write about it.
Now, don't get me wrong some zoo's are awesome, but the one I went to wasn't. First of all, there were no animals! Every single exhibit we went to, there was nothing there and our guide kept telling us that the animal was in some bush or sleeping. Finally, we got to the owl section and guess what, there was no owl. The cage didn't have any bushes and you could see inside it's sleeping area so the guide didn't have any other excuse. You know what she told us? It's dead. You know, I would have believed her if she at least had some sad facial expression when she said it, but no, she was smiling and cheerful.

That was problem number one. The second thing was that there was a horrible smell everywhere we went. I really don't know how that happened since there were no animals...wait that could have been my teacher...
Well that solves that problem.

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