Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well time for work!

Last time the post was about a movie mistake. This time the post is about a funnier movie mistake.

From the scene we can see that "Master" is a little more modern than we thought.
This is probably his day job, and in the night he probably runs a bigger business. I wonder how the scene turned out.

Young apprentice: "Master! Master! I need you to teach me in the sacred art of Kung Fu!"

Master: "To be a Kung Fu warrior you must first learn how to---Brrrriiiinnnggg!"

Young apprentice: "Master, what was that sound? It sounded so inhuman!"

Master: "Oh, don't worry, it's just a self-adjusting portable hand alarm."

Young apprentice: "A self-who's a what?!?!?"

Master: "It means it's time to go to my night-time job, a CEO!"

Young apprentice: "But Master, how will I learn the way's of---"

Master: "Hold that thought, someone's calling me"

Young apprentice: "You have a cellphone!"

Master: "A Blackberry, I was going to get the i-phone, but then I decided not to."

Young apprentice: "But---"

Master: starts talking in his cellphone, "Hey Jerry! No, of course this isn't a bad time. Yea, I can do that. Don't worry, I don't have a busy schedule, yea, I got ton's of free time. K' bye."

Young apprentice: "Ummm...master?

Master: "Sorry kid, I gotta go."

Young apprentice: "But who will teach me the ancient art of  Kung Fu!"

Master"Here's my card, call my secretary, Janet, she'll tell you everything you need to know about---"

Young apprentice: "Kung Fu!"

Master: ", in making a appointment." Master takes off Kung Fu costume, and reveals a black suit he was wearing underneath. Then he walks away.

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