Friday, March 18, 2011

THE TERRAFUGIA-TRANSITION! (yea, I thought it was german to)

Hey guys, so this the official new post of THE CRAZY LITTLE BLUE DOT...that's weird I've never wrote "official" before.I feel so professional, even though I am some kid sitting in my pajamas eating a bag of chips. Anyway, I was talking to one of friends and he asked me if he could borrow $25 and I was like "yeah right, when flying cars are invented!"Now, I was pretty proud of my selff of that comeback, unfortunately he wasn't. So, my friend get's all red and says "If I prove to you that there are flying cars, you owe me $25 bucks".I still didn't believe him so I really didn't care.Well, he came to my house that evening and goes on Google and types Terrafugia-Transition, I thought he was writing German or something.Anyway, it turns out "Terrafugia-Transition" is a flying car!It can go on land, air, and sea!... OK, not the sea but land and air! I was pretty excited about this thing I mean it was a flying car!The Terrafugia-Transition was invented by a small American company.It's a two seater so Adult's forget about bringing your kids, unless......never mind.

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