Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey...uhhh, you might wanna put your hand on the trigger

Now, if you haven't noticed anything from the picture yet, even though there's a red circle pointing it out. I'll tell you what it is, the police officer doesn't have his hand on the trigger, in fact none of the police officers do. These guys are just standing around, looking really serious and clearly they haven't figured out how to use a gun. I wonder how the scene would be like?

Police officer: "Put your hands up!"

Robber: "Uhhh.. officer you might wanna put your hands on the gun."

Police officer: "Excuse me?!? Is that how you speak to a police officer? I don't tell you how to do your job, do I?

Robber: "No....you arrest me for it."

Police officer: "If you don't listen, and do what I say, i'll shoot!"

Robber: "Hmmm...should I listen to an officer who doesn't  know how to use a gun or run away, I think i'll go with choice 2."

Police officer: "I warned you" officer squeezes handle, nothing happens."Cheap quality, must be broken" throws gun away.

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