Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stupid Laws

So, I was searching on the web again, as usual, and I came across a very stupid law.
The law was that 30% of a radio station’s content must be "Canadian Content". Now, I don't know about you but I really don't know what Canadian content is. Do you talk about something normal and then just randomly say something Canadian that has nothing to do with your topic? 
"This is Double D on the radio telling you about today's news, a bus has just crashed in Wisconsin, thankfully no one was hurt, but the Canadian syrup is looking better than ever. Eh?!
Yea...that will certainly get a lot of people listening to this guy.
You know, what if someone gets confused and he doesn't know what 30% exactly is so he just starts saying "eh" after every 5 words.
"The song for you today, eh, is the new hit,eh, that broke records for,eh,"
Or even worse, the guy just starts shouting something Canadian every 5 seconds!
"Hey Syrup, guess what cold it is, cause it is Stephen Harper time!"......
Well, the only thing to do now is watch more T.V.

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