Sunday, March 20, 2011 I think we're gonna need a bigger pooper scooper!

Well, the scientist's are at it again they're trying to recreate DINOSAURS. For the people who have seen Jurassic Park, you know what Iam talking about, for the people who haven't, you HAVE to get out more. Some people are saying that the scientist's can recreate dinosaurs in 10 years, others are saying 100. When I was searching the web I found out that that people think scientist's can do the task because they gave a chicken teeth. At first, I was like, ummm...... ok, great, you gave a chicken some teeth,big whoop, now give it a toothbrush. Then I found out that chicken's used to have teeth but they lost them to evolution many years ago. So they're is some hope of scientists recreating dinosaurs, but what I am worried about is how are people going to take care of them especially all that dodo that comes from them.Yea,poop. I mean, that's going to take a pretty big pooper scooper and an even bigger garbage bag, and don't even get me started on the smell!

People are also worried that the scientist's won't be able to contain the dinosaurs, and if they get out what are they gonna eat, definitely not your Grandma's blueberry pie!

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