Monday, March 14, 2011

I had a blog?

Hey people, wuz up!!!!!!!!! I know i haven't posted anything on this blog since like forever but there's a story behind that.So, here goes, I was just surfing on the web one morning and decided to go on my Google account. I was looking around my account n' i saw this link saying "blogger", and I am like huh!?!?So, i click on this link and apparently i had a blog!Turn's out i made this blog when i was like 10, and i never cared about it since! Well, i started looking around my blog, and saw how many views were there. I was thinking to myself "man, i probably have like a gazillion views"and"i bet there's gonna be so many people following me" also "hey what do these " things mean?". So, when i looked at my views, it wasn't pretty. I only had one view and zero followers.Nada, zilch, bupkis.I was still happy cause' at least i had one view, and it turned out that view was me.............
Any-who, I am gonna start posting some stuff on this blog and hopefully it doesn't make me end up with 1 view. K'post ya l8r!

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